Flutter - Spring 2017

FLUTTER explores the barely perceptible, that which is sensed in darkness--in stillness. That which grows and evolves and inevitably comes to light. Featuring the professional company in current repertory including two premiers, FLUTTER will also feature guest artists from Howard Community College.

Artistic Director Lauren Tait presents a new quintet, Chrysalis. In two sections, Tait's choreography playfully moves amid states of sleep, sub-awareness, metamorphosis, and awakening. The Company also debuts "A Quiet Darkness," a new commission for seven women by guest artist Mariah Appleton which explores the concept of fate. Company dancer Desiree Koontz-Nachtrieb brings a new contemporary pointe duet to the program showcasing balletic elegance blended with non-traditional movement and evocative themes. Howard County Community College Dance Company joins the KDC stage to perform the compelling and athletic Dark Desires by visiting choreographer Maurice Watson. Returning to the program this spring, the collaborative fusion of modern dance and Classical Indian Bharathanatyam, Ratri Divas Samaanjasya (in Hindi, meaning harmony between night and day), by Jaya Mathur and Lauren Tait layers the two styles to create a mandala of color and nuanced sculptural movement.

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